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Chelsea face important clash against Atletico

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Chelsea face important clash against Atletico

Postby kema cooll » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:35 pm

In the next few days Chelsea have some of the most important matches of their season. They’ll more than likely come to determine the outlook of the rest of the season in only but a few matches.

Chelsea’s next two matches SBOBET are against an in form Atletico Madrid and an even more in form Manchester City. Both teams are incredibly talented, organized and disciplined teams that reflect almost perfectly the spirit’s of their managers.

Atletico Madrid are a sleek, well-oiled, counter attacking and disciplined unit. They’re made to tear other teams apart with aggression and fire. Manchester City are much more like Pep Guardiola’s philosophical preoccupation with graceful attacking and movement.
kema cooll
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