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Freemasonry and anarchism

Criticisms of anarchism, anarchist vs. non-anarchist debates & anything generally antagonistic towards anarchism. Guest posts welcome.

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:55 am


"Police 'put cap on arrests' in Rochdale sex abuse inquiry: Social worker whistleblower says dozens of offenders are still on streets.

- Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking free, whistleblower says
- Sara Rowbotham accuses police of 'having a cap' on the number of arrests
- Child rapists and abusers are still preying on children, she has claimed
- She says police chiefs became obsessed with convicting just nine men

Meanwhile many more were 'allowed to escape', Miss Rowbotham said

PUBLISHED: 23:05, 30 October 2014 | UPDATED: 23:25, 30 October 2014

Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking the streets because police refused to arrest them, according to a whistleblower, Sara Rowbotham has accused police of putting a cap on the number of child sex offenders they
arrested for raping and abusing young girls.

The veteran social worker, who was responsible for gathering the main evidence in the 2012 Rochdale child
sex abuse case, said that as a result dozens of sex offenders were still walking the streets preying on children.
Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking the streets preying on children because police did not arrest them, whistleblower Sara Rowbotham said.

Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking the streets preying on children because police did not arrest them, whistleblower Sara Rowbotham said.

Miss Rowbotham said limited resources and manpower during the investigation meant police had let sex offenders slip through the net.

She said because police bosses became obsessed with convicting just nine perpetrators they left dozens free to continue raping and abusing young girls.
‘It’s very shocking but there are dozens of child sex offenders still on the streets because they put a cap on the number of people they would arrest,’ she said.

‘In the end this was just a tiny proportion of the number of offenders raping and abusing children and they were allowed to escape.

‘But not only did they cap the number of offenders but they also put a ceiling on the number of victims they would interview and proceed with.’

Her explosive comments will stun Greater Manchester Police whose Police and Crime Commissioner yesterday launched a report highlighting the massive problem of child sexual exploitation.

The report highlighted 13,000 cases of child sex abuse in the last six years but revealed that only 1,078 offenders were convicted.

Commissioner Tony Lloyd has vowed to go back and review cases where victims have made sex abuse allegations.
Nine men, including these eight, were jailed for a total of 77 years for rape and trafficking after they preyed on girls as young as 13-years-old.

Nine men, including these eight, were jailed for a total of 77 years for rape and trafficking after they preyed on girls as young as 13-years-old. But Miss Rowbotham, a social worker in Rochdale for more than 13 years, said the police were still doing far too little to combat on-street grooming.

She said: ‘It’s still going on. The same perpetrators are still out there because police put a ceiling on the number of arrests. The actual number of suspects is huge but the number of victims is equally large.

‘They are still having to deal with the trauma of that on a day-to-day basis knowing no-one has ever been brought to justice for abusing them.’

In 2012 nine Asian men were jailed for a total of 77 years for rape and trafficking after they preyed on girls as young as 13, plying them with drugs, alcohol and money before passing them round the group for sex.

A subsequent report said the girls were allowed to fall into the hands of Pakistani grooming gangs because police and social workers may have been scared of seeming racist.

The whistleblower said she was still disappointed that no one has been held to account for their failings and she was disappointed with the results of a report led by MP Ann Coffey.

The MP said the child sex abuse cases in Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Oldham, Oxford, and Peterborough were a ‘deafening wake-up call’.

A report by MP Ann Coffey found that recent child sex abuse cases were a 'deafening wake-up call', but the whistleblower said she was disappointed with action taken following its publication.

She has proposed measures aimed at improving arrest and conviction rates of child sex offenders in Greater Manchester.

These included a review of cases marked ‘no further action’, new initiatives led by children themselves and more training for public sector workers to recognise grooming.

But the whistleblower said she was still disappointed no one has been held to account for their failings and was disappointed with the results of the Coffey report.

She said: ‘The victims deserve their evidence to be taken seriously. I referred dozens of cases to the police that I know were never acted upon.’

Miss Rowbotham, who fought for a Serious Case Review and was commended for her work by the Home Affairs Select Committee, was made redundant in February.

Ian Hanson, chairman of Greater Manchester Police Federation, said: ‘It is grossly unfair that both the organisation and our police officer members collectively are singled out and blamed by some for what is a failure of the whole system.

‘We expect officers to build relationships with victims in the most difficult circumstances imaginable in a fraction of the time where often the education and social care system has failed to do so. Only when we understand the whole problem and the challenges involved will society start to deal with those issues.’

Detective Superintendent Jonathan Chadwick said: ‘Operation Doublet was launched in the aftermath of Operation Span in 2012 to investigate all outstanding historic allegations of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale from the same era.

‘This investigation has examined massive amounts of material held by all agencies and provided support to a large number of victims as well as arresting a significant number of offenders.

‘Doublet remains an on-going investigation with a large number of investigative staff deployed in building relationships of trust with victims and dealing with those responsible through the criminal justice system wherever possible.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z3IHtRJknN
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:02 am

More cover-up and chronic obfuscation and bullshit from the Sheffield Star and Pakistani Muslims. As the comments below the article show, NO-ONE is buying into this crass display of TAQIA (RELIGIOUSLY MANDATED LYING) MONGERING on behalf of Rotherham's disgraced and despised Muslim community. We are expected to buy the BS that none of the Islamist community knew this was going on, when anyone with half an inch of brain knows that Pakistani Pedos have created incredible misery across South Yorkshire on a grand scale, and that tens of thousands of Pakistani Muslims were prepared to conspire with their silence to protect organised child rape gangs. The woefully low number of convictions (which should be in the thousands in South Yorkshire alone) prove that neither the Islamists or the authorities have any will to tackle this issue.

Instead we are expected to focus our attention on Jimmy Saville et al, and ignore the fact that the Muslim Child
Rape gangs have made vast swathes of England unsafe for Women and Children (and Men), its such bullshit. Where
were these 'concerned' Muslims over the last 20 years? The fact that they are only showing their disgraced faces now, proves this is vile TAQIA MONGERING in an attempt to deflect blame from themselves. The people of Rotherham and Sheffield aint buying into their bullshit anymore, and now I am safely out of the multicultural cess-pit which is South Yorkshire, neither am I. Scroll past the BS lie mongering article and read the comments below, one of which is copied here.

10:54 AM on 03/11/2014
Nobody is buying this rubbish. How many more self-pitying articles are going to be published by The Star in support of the Muslim community? They never asked for police protection? Lies will not divide us - what lies are these? That our disgusting PC lefties and terrified Police force covered up this for years is not in question but hundreds of perpetrators in this grooming and not one person spoke up? This wasn't secretive noncing, this was highly organised abuse based on race and religion. Not everyone may have taken part but plenty more knew and no one spoke up. No amount of placard waving and motivational movement of people by Sheffield councillors will stop people thinking otherwise.

"Rotherham Can Become a Beacon Of Muslim Hope.

Rotherham can be a ‘beacon of hope’ for the whole of the UK, claims the leader of a Muslim group in the town which is pushing to rebuild the shattered reputation of the Pakistani Muslim community and the name of the area as a whole.

The Pakistani Muslim community in Rotherham is still reeling from the child sex abuse scandal, two months on from the Jay report which revealed 1,400 girls had been a victim of child sexual exploitation in 16 years in the town.

It said mostly Asian men had been responsible for the crimes and that police and council staff often failed to take reports further due to racial sensitivities.

Muhbeen Hussain organised a British Muslim Youth group protest, when more than 200 people lined Rotherham’s street outside the Town Hall to speak out against the scandal.

He said: “The main focus should be justice for the 1,400 girls. We shall not be divided. As a human being I was horrified that these types of criminal activity could take place in my community of Rotherham, and for the police, the social services, to know of such crimes but not to say anything.

“The community has been tarnished but, on the other hand, the scandal has come out and now we can provide justice for the girls that we didn’t know about.

“Rotherham has fallen down a massive hill, Mount Everest, but Rotherham will climb its way back up, and Rotherham will be a beacon of hope, not just for the people of Rotherham, but the whole of the UK.”

Key members of the Muslim community have spoken out about the damage the report has dealt to their reputation.

*Today’s other top stories:

Eleven children reported missing in South Yorkshire everyday

Council tecnical issue sees taxi drivers getting bus lane fines in Sheffield

fears for missing Sheffield pensioner

Horror themed fun to be unleashed on Sheffield city centre

The Jay report exposed the scandal and pointed to racial issues as a key factor in crimes not being pursued.

It said: “By far the majority of perpetrators were described as ‘Asian’ by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how they could jointly address the issue.

“Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

In a report mentioned in the Jay report by Dr Heal, it states: “In 2006 that young people in Rotherham believed at the time that the police dared not act against Asian youths for fear of allegations of racism.”

Abbas Khan, aged 25, a Pakistani Muslim, from Nether Edge, Sheffield, spoke out against the scandal and the damage it has dealt to Muslim people in South Yorkshire.

He said: “I have been born and raised here and I have been brought up a Pakistani Muslim – and nobody in my mosque, nobody in my house, nobody in my community has encouraged me to go into the grooming process, so to speak.

“I don’t know where these people are and for the whole community to be tarnished is really saddening. It just gives more ammunition to the far right movement.

“The Pakistani community never asked for police protection.

“We don’t want these crimes to be used against us and we don’t want it to be used as a reason to protect the criminals.

“They are criminals and what they have been doing is heinous. That’s not enough to describe it – it’s abhorrent.

“But it’s a simplistic approach to say it’s a Pakistani-Muslim problem.

“With the perpetrators in the Rotherham abuse scandal being described as being from ‘Pakistani Muslim heritage’ I can’t stay silent.

“As someone of Pakistani Muslim heritage, I want to state in no uncertain terms that the practice of child sexual exploitation and ‘grooming’ is not something that our culture or religion encourages or condones. It is completely unacceptable. What they have done is horrific, disgusting and makes me physically sick.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the 1,400 or more victims in this terrible affair. I pray that the perpetrators get the punishment they deserve.

“The perpetrators do not represent our community. They are criminals, generally drug users and dealers, who have complete disregard for the law and prey on the vulnerable in society.”

Rotherham councillor Mahroof Hussain, elected in 2002, said he was not at the seminar in which senior council figures were told about the abuse issue in 2005, but that he was ‘angry’ he was not told.

He condemned soft police treatment of Asian perpetrators. He said: “The Asian community are clearly saying ‘we want results, we want arrests, we want people charged, because everybody is getting tarred with the same brush’.

“The people that used the excuse of ethnic origin not to prosecute should be held to account. This is absolutely outrageous.

“If you have committed a crime, you should be held to account.

“That’s where the young people of this town have been let down significantly.

“Is it appropriate that somebody who commits a rape on a 12-year-old girl is given a caution?

“Why were they given a caution? Surely they should be charged with rape.

“If they applied ethnic origin as a factor, who made that decision?”

Coun Hussain said the town’s image could not become more damaged and that police should reopen historic cases and ‘knock on doors’.

He added: “There is no more damage that can be done to the town’s image. Now we need to make sure these people don’t get away with it.” Mohammed Shafiq, 35, chief executive of the British Ramadhan Foundation, said: “The grooming gangs have not only brought shame on themselves and the community but have damaged the lives of so many young girls. We want to see justice, we want to see justice for the victims and we want to see the community come together to say ‘not in our name’.”

Imam Qari Asim said the crimes committed by the men are a direct contradiction of the Islam religion, and called on the community to ‘work together’ to repair the damage caused by the scandal.

He said: “In Islam, the prophet of Islam, in his farewell pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, made a keynote speech. He said, protect the vulnerable in your society.

“Muslims have a moral obligation as a result. Muslims see it as a moral obligation today because of the words of the words of the prophet of Islam, to protect the vulnerable regardless of their colour, creed or race.

“This is not an issue of race or religion, it’s an issue of authority versus vulnerability.

“We Muslims have acted upon that and we Muslims, Imams, have unreservedly and unequivocally condemned such despicable acts taking place in our community and we have taken this duty upon ourselves to make sure that we do not let even one person fall through the net any more in this society.

“Unfortunately we are where we are, but now we need to look towards the future. We need to see how can we put systems in place, how can we close those loopholes which people manipulated, how can we all, intelligence services, law enforcement agencies, social services, or agencies, mosques, the community itself, how can we all work together to make sure not even one young person is abused in our society.”

12:50 PM on 06/11/2014
what do you think this is doing to these girls? - I personally would want to mete out my own punishment on those guilty perverts roaming free to continue their perversions- if they were part of my community I would help to push them out of town

12:34 PM on 06/11/2014
TOO LITTLE TOO LATE - now you have to SUFFER the consequences - somebodys' husband, artner, boyfriend, son committed these offences - nobody reported them missing

12:31 PM on 06/11/2014
BOYCOTT THEIR TAXIS and food outlets and show them who's the BOSS

12:16 PM on 06/11/2014
800 girls have gone missing since April 2014 - and important paperwork has gone 'missing' (how convenient) from files

11:46 AM on 05/11/2014
I cannot see one adult muslem male in the picture. That says it all really.
They have no shame, they will not repent, the odious police, social service staff and Liebour politicians will hope the heat cools so they can brush things under the carpet.
But they are wrong. Unless culprits and people from the above mentioned organisations are arrested and prosecuted there will never be any uniting of people and any beacons of hope will be extinguished.

9:50 AM on 05/11/2014
A Beacon of Muslim hope? Muslims are slowly destroying a once proud town, noted country and worldwide for steel production, hardworking men and women and honesty. the only way Muslims will integrate is by others adopting their beliefs and way of life, they will never change.

10:18 PM on 04/11/2014
'Common Purpose' is dead in the water. There is no 'Cultural Cohesion.' All we have, up and down the country, are separate enclaves. The powers-that-be are trying to peddle a con and it is to the detriment of us all.

7:00 PM on 04/11/2014
If persons wish to live in this country they should abide by the laws,language ,cultural and dress codes of the host country and not attempt to impose their way of life in the host country.If they do not wish to do so they should have stayed in their country of origin it is not that difficult in reality.

7:44 AM on 04/11/2014
OwlGuy72 All child abuse cases should be acted upon irrespective of colour or religion. No they don't. A men sentence to 10 years for a rape. A white man. A man sentence to 5 years for multi-rapes. A Pakistani Muslim. Even the man who have 2 children from a rape, 12 years old the girl. He was 35, he walks around, free, A Pakistani Muslim. It allowed.

12:04 AM on 04/11/2014
What makes this worse is all this happend under a Liebour controlled counci.l Now the sensible people of Rotherham the majority that voted, voted for ANOTHER Liebour in the form of the new police and crime commissioner. Who then immediately disappears on holiday for 2 weeks shows where his priorities lie seems the people never learn.

3:32 PM on 03/11/2014
Looking at the photo, has anyone else noticed the only three men to be seen are all white? I guess it shows which members of the community are really against what happened, women and children.

10:54 AM on 03/11/2014
Nobody is buying this rubbish. How many more self-pitying articles are going to be published by The Star in support of the Muslim community? They never asked for police protection? Lies will not divide us - what lies are these? That our disgusting PC lefties and terrified Police force covered up this for years is not in question but hundreds of perpetrators in this grooming and not one person spoke up? This wasn't secretive noncing, this was highly organised abuse based on race and religion. Not everyone may have taken part but plenty more knew and no one spoke up. No amount of placard waving and motivational movement of people by Sheffield councillors will stop people thinking otherwise.

10:46 AM on 03/11/2014
i saw this headline, and laughed. not a chance. and why is the only person whose address is given is from sheffield, and not rotherham. strange.

10:06 AM on 03/11/2014
I think Mt. Everest is more than a hill. And this grotesque scandal - wish as the Pakistani Muslim community in Rotherham might - is something that will not go away. However, let us not forget the groomers from elsewhere operating in Rotherham, eg eastern europeans and kurds. They must be thinking the heat is off them. NO, IT IS NOT.

9:51 AM on 03/11/2014

8:31 AM on 03/11/2014
It seems difficult to believe that no one in the community knows who has been committing these offences.

8:20 AM on 03/11/2014
1400 girls abused by different men on many occasions, one girl by over 100 different men. Only 10 convictions. Until we see thousands of convictions there won't be a United Rotherham, people are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think people should turn the other cheek. There should be 100's of convictions of South Yorkshire police and Rotherham council staff who covered this up.
http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/rotherham ... -1-6930332
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:31 am

The first sentence of the last post was edited from "As the comments below the article show, NO-ONE is buying into this crass display of TAQIA (RELIGIOUSLY MANDATED LYING) MONGERING on behalf of a tiny percentage Rotherham's disgraced and despised Muslim community." to "As the comments below the article show, NO-ONE is buying into this crass display of TAQIA (RELIGIOUSLY MANDATED LYING) MONGERING on behalf of Rotherham's disgraced and despised Muslim community."

This phrase "a tiny percentage" was removed in order to avoid any confusion, as I was indicating that only "a tiny percentage" of Rotherham's Muslims can be bothered to even give the pretence of caring about what they have
inflicted on the indigenous population of Rotherham, NOT that only a tiny percentage are guilty regarding this
issue. The guilt spreads far and wide across the Islamist community in South Yorkshire. It is a VERY LARGE
PERCENTAGE, who either willingly took part in child abuse, or in the very least covered it up.

One of the problems South Yorkshire Police face, is the fact that if they were to apply the "Safeguarding"
legislation (and it should be obvious by now exactly who and what they are "guarding" and keeping "safe") as
they so rigorously do to the indigenous English population, to the Muslim population, there wouldn't be
enough jail space up and down the cunt-tree to lock them up, even if they locked them ten to a cell!

SAFEGUARDING means "guarding" and keeping "safe" hundreds of thousands of Islamist pedophiles from
ever having to face any consequences for their actions.
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:34 am

Alan's latest broadcast, which given the recent recurring theme of 'car trouble', and Alan repeatedly bemoaning the state of modern car manufacturing methods, should probably be renamed 'One Mans Search For a Reliable Automobile part 4'.

Nov. 9, 2014
"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)
"Correction of Perception by Deception"
© Alan Watt Nov. 9, 2014
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Nov. 9, 2014 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
http://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/CTTM ... 092014.mp3

Topics of show covered in following links:
-Singapore plans to be world's first 'Smart Nation'
-Smart city sensors ready for roll out, Casey tells Web Summit
-Red Zone activated for Brisbane G20 summit with 70 items banned
-ECB publishes secret Irish bailout letters
-The World's Oldest Bank Is The Biggest Loser In The ECB Stress Test
-South Africa suffers another credit rating downgrade
-ChildrenCount Survey in a world that counts
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:09 pm


The late great Frank Zappa's timeless advice to Telemarketers.

Frank Zappa - Suicide Chump
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She says "i love you...but first, let's eat!"
And all you can say as you run down the street
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:54 am

Jumbo, go away
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Mar 28, 2015 1:04 pm


400 children raped in Oxford by Muslim pedo filth my arse, they missed a zero off the end, its more like 4000. Compare the demographics in Oxford to Rotherham and its clear they are deliberately downplaying the scale of the child abuse to avoid the backlash.

And why does that motherlode of Muslim child molestation, that rotten islamist toilet bowl, Bradford continue to evade the spotlight?

Bradford is unquestionably the most Islamised area in the UK, presided over by the prince of paki peadophile cover up merchants, that stinking Muslim freemason George (Gorge) Galloway (way of the gallows). Bradford makes Rotherham (more like Rotting Ham) look like a childrens tea party but has so far remained largely immune from prosecution, due in part to Galloways hidden connections, and the fact that the feral inbred pakistanis threaten to riot everytime the police threaten to impose English law.

British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on "Industrial Scale"

Nearly 400 British girls as young as eleven are believed to have been sexually exploited by Muslim rape gangs in Oxfordshire over the past 15 years, according to a chilling new report. It charges local officials with repeatedly ignoring the abuse due to a "culture of denial."

The scale of the abuse in Oxfordshire, a county in southeast England, mirrors similarly shocking accounts of the sexual exploitation of white British girls by Muslim gangs in Bristol, Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford, and implies that the problem is not isolated, but endemic.

The 133-page Serious Case Review (SCR) was published on March 3, the same day that British Prime Minister David Cameron convened the so-called Downing Street Abuse Summit, during which he unveiled a raft of new measures aimed at bringing more offenders to justice.

The report - which reveals that there are "grounds for believing" that 373 girls have been sexually exploited by gangs in Oxfordshire since 2004 - focuses on the accounts of six girls and their contact with the authorities. The girls were the victims in the "Operation Bullfinch" trial, in which seven Muslims were found guilty, in May 2013, of trafficking and raping the girls between 2004 and 2012.

According to the SCR, between 2005 and 2010, the six girls were reported missing 500 times - half of those when they were in the care of official child protection agencies - but authorities never bothered to investigate.

In Section 2, the report includes extracts of the Prosecution's opening speech at the trial in order to "focus the mind" on the suffering endured by the girls. The men would "ply the girls with alcohol and introduce them to drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, 'crack' and sometimes heroin. The girls became addicted to certain of the drugs and felt unable to live without them. This made them even more dependent on the men."

It continues:

Sometimes the men would also exercise extreme physical and sexual violence on the girls and threaten them that should they ever seek to free themselves from the grasp of the group they and/ or their families would suffer serious harm.

The defendants took the girls to other places, usually hotels/ guest houses or empty private dwellings, for other men to have sex with them, again often in groups and often in return for money which was paid to the men and not the girls.

Most of the men engaged in the sexual abuse of the young girls did so over many years. Each was much older than any of the girls and of an age to know precisely what he was doing; the harm he was inflicting on the girls; the fact of their suffering and that their activity was illegal and in many instances depraved. In short, their conduct was intentional and persistent. Many of the sexual acts committed on the girls were extreme in their depravity. The girls were usually given so many drugs that they were barely aware of what was going on. Indeed, they say that it was the only way they could cope with what was going on.

The sexual abuse included vaginal, anal and oral rape and also involved the use of a variety of objects such as knives, meat cleavers, baseball bats ... sex toys ... It was often accompanied by humiliating and degrading conduct such as biting, scratching, acts of urinating, being ... suffocated, tied up. They were also beaten and burnt. This sexual activity was often carried out by groups of men; sometimes it would go on for days on end.

The places to which the girls were taken were often private houses and guest houses in Oxford. Some of the private houses appeared to be empty and used solely for the purposes of the abuse. The men who came to pay to have sex with the girls were not always from Oxford; many travelled from far afield, places such as Bradford, Leeds, London and Slough. It seems they came specifically to sexually abuse young girls, often by appointment with the men in Oxford who had dominated the girls.

Between acts of abuse sometimes stretching over a number of days, the Oxford men ensured girls were guarded so that they could not escape. In addition to being abused in various locations in Oxford, some of the girls were taken to other towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth for the same purpose.

Section 3 of the SCR shows how local authorities could have stopped the abuse as early as 2005, but failed to do so because they refused to take the girls' complaints seriously. The report includes dozens of comments the girls made during interviews, including:

"I turned up at the police station at 2/3am, blood all over me, soaked through my trousers to the crotch. They dismissed it as me being naughty, a nuisance."

"Why would a 13-year-old make it up?"

"The social worker just wanted to hear what [the worker] wanted to hear so there was no need to do anything ... ."

"The Police never asked me why - they just took me home."

"I thought if I told the Police what was really happening they would not believe me, and they would not arrest them and then ... they did not do anything and that made me think that nothing could be done."

"I made a complaint about a man who trafficked me from a children's home. He was arrested, released and trafficked me again."

"Oxford and another council argued about me to try and avoid doing anything. It wasn't my fault I was abused."

"Social services washed their hands - 'it's your choice' I was told."

"A WPC [woman police constable] found me drunk with men. I said I was ok and she went away and left me with them. I was abused that night."

The SCR also shows that parents were exasperated at the lack of concern displayed by police and social workers, who often blamed the girls for the situation they were facing. Parental comments include:

"Police wouldn't pursue anyone unless they had a cast iron case."

"No one thought about us - what it would be like if it was their daughter."

"Police wouldn't tell us addresses so we could go and bring her home."

"She was a minor but we were told it wasn't our business."

"I tried to tell social services about the evidence - but they weren't interested. It was obvious it was something sexual."

"A big chunk of her life has been taken away - when she should have been at the youth club or skating or the school prom - all that went missing because of them: the perpetrators and the police/ social services for not stopping it when they knew."

"It's in my mind all the time - what happened to my 'baby' and what I did because I didn't understand what was happening to me. They knew what was happening to her and didn't tell me."

"Why did they let it go on during the long investigation?"

"No one spoke to us about dealing with the people responsible."

"The police said she didn't appear in danger, they said she was happy to be there, and refused to tell me where she was."

"Giving her a cuddle and taking her to MacDonald's was the [social worker's] solution."

"One manager said [before the exploitation was understood] 'She's streetwise, and loves it.'

"[After a theft was investigated where a girl was with older men] The issue for the police was the burglary, not a 13-year-old with older men."

"At interagency meetings attended no one kept any records/ minutes, and there were never agendas."

"The Children's Home didn't tell me when she went missing."

"I despaired of ever getting an appropriate response that stood alongside us and didn't try to blame and shame us."

And yet the report holds no one responsible or accountable. It blames the failure to act on a "lack of knowledge" and "organizational failings." The report concludes:

The Serious Case Review (SCR) has seen no evidence of willful professional neglect or misconduct by organizations, but there was at times a worrying lack of curiosity and follow through, and much work should have been considerably different and better. There is little evidence that the local understanding of child sexual exploitation (CSE), or how to tackle it once identified, was significantly different from many parts of the country.

On the surface, many of the illustrations described in the report can seem like professional ineptitude, unconcern, or inaction. They become more understandable when put in the context of the knowledge and processes at the time, practical difficulties around evidence, and a professional mind-set which could not grasp that the victims' ability to say 'no' had been totally eroded.

The overall problem was not grasping the nature of the abuse - the grooming, the pull from home, the erosion of consent, the inability to escape and the sheer horror of what the girls were going through - but of seeing it as something done more voluntarily. Something that the girls did as opposed to something done to them.

According to The Telegraph, local authorities across Britain are expending "considerable intellectual effort" into finding reasons not to conduct mandatory public investigations into child sexual abuse out of a fear of "negative publicity."

An investigation cited by the paper found more than 30 instances where local authorities refused to conduct a Serious Case Review, which is required by law whenever a child is seriously harmed as a result of abuse. When investigations were conducted, in many cases the reports failed to examine how "fear, overwork, timidity, willful blindness and over-optimism" had led social workers to make bad decisions.

Speaking at a summit on child exploitation on March 3, Prime Minister Cameron said British social workers are in need of "a massive dose of common sense." Reading a quote from the report, he said:

One does not need training in child sexual exploitation to know that a 12-year-old sleeping with a 25-year-old is not right, or that you don't come home drunk, bruised, half-naked and bleeding from seeing your 'friends'.

Cameron added:

"I think it's very important we take a step back and just recognize the horrific nature of what has happened in our country. Young girls - and they are young girls - being abused over and over again on an industrial scale, being raped, being passed from one bunch of perpetrators to another bunch of perpetrators. And all the while this has happened with too many organizations and too many people walking on by. And we have got to really resolve that this stops here, it doesn't happen again and we recognize abuse for what it is."

Under new plans announced at the summit, the government will seek to extend the crime of "willful neglect" that was recently introduced to protect the elderly in nursing homes to protect children from sexual predators. This would require teachers, social workers, police and elected officials to act on suspicions of child sexual abuse or face up to five years in prison. The new law would apply to all levels of the bureaucracy, from low- and mid-level employees to the most senior managers and directors.

Some observers are skeptical about the effectiveness of Cameron's plan. In an interview with Sky News, Conservative Party MP Tim Loughton, a former parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families, had this to say about the Oxfordshire report:

A 'worrying lack of curiosity' is a very charitable way of saying 'clear incompetence and neglect' that went on in various agencies within the children's services department, within the social services and within the police in Oxfordshire.

Loughton added that under the new law, "willful neglect" will be a high bar to prove. Prosecutors would need to show that authorities were "proactively obstructing people coming forward with allegations" and that there was "a conspiracy of cover-up or silence."

British commentator Simon Kent is equally pessimistic. He writes:

It is a fact teachers, councilors, police, NHS [National Health Service] staff and social workers in England and Wales have categorically failed to protect young children from sexual predators for a generation.

Systemic failures have been condoned with silence, serial bunglers rewarded with promotion and whistle blowers shunned. Why is anything going to change now, after the event(s)?

It will be years before David Cameron's intentions are fully acted upon. All the while the abuse will continue, to the eternal shame of those who have the power but not the ideological or intestinal fortitude to stop it.

Kent concludes: "Too little, too late. That's just not good enough."

Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. He is also Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group.
http://libertygb.org.uk/v1/index.php/ne ... rial-scale
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat May 02, 2015 12:37 pm

"Mahound" - of the false prophet Mahomet #Muhammed# - the devil"

Given Islams propensity for mass child rape, which we have experienced across the disunited kingdom, the school visit to the mosque constitutes a serious safeguarding and CHILD PROTECTION RISK. Parents are perfectly entitled to withdraw their children from the mosque visit on these grounds alone.

Schools should be educating and warning the children about the vile dirty sick murder-pedophile-death-cult which calls itself ‘Islam’, instead they are literally throwing the children to the wolves.

Mahomet is Baphomet (Satan), Islam is the religion of the devil. We should be preventing all English children from having any contact with these sick Hamites and Mahound-ites at any and all costs.

Islam has no place in the UK, anymore than western military forces have any place in the middle east. Islam has especially no place in beautiful Devon and Cornwall which remain largely Islam Free Zones, and all the better for it. Islam, and mass third and second world immigration has turned great parts of England into nothing more than stinking Afro-Arabian-Stalinist shitholes.

Cameron (Hameron) the Islamo-pandering toadie of Islam stated "it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian (Muslim) way of life, not the other way around". Well, David, they have 'integrated', it is the kind of 'integration' we see amongst seals and great white sharks. With estimates standing between 100,000 and 1 million children systematically groomed, pimped and gang raped by Islamist savages in the UK, how many more children need to be gang raped before they have 'integrated' enough?

"UK: Cornwall school makes field trip to mosque MANDATORY for Christian and other non-Muslim students
After publicly humiliating children who didn’t want to go on a trip to visit a mosque, the governors of a small rural school in Cornwall have reacted to concerned parents fears of violence and indoctrination of their children by mosque leaders, not to mention all the worldwide negative news coverage of it, by making the trip mandatory for all students. #Time for parents to sue the school and refuse to send their kids to it until this obscene sharia-compliant policy is revoked#

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: ten-young-british-students-publicly-humiliated-in-school-after-parents-refused-to-allow-them-to-take-part-in-school-field-trip-to-a-mosque

I wonder if these parents know that when their children are brought to a mosque, they are forced to recite an Islamic prayer which automatically converts them to Islam?

Breitbart: Earlier this week, it was reported that ten families had not given consent for their children to travel from Lostwithiel School in Cornwall to Devon to visit the Exeter mosque, citing fears about violence and danger to their children from Muslims. Governors have now told parents that absences from the trip will not be allowed, citing the importance of ‘promoting different faiths and ethnicities’ to school-age children.

Earlier, school staff humiliated children who weren’t going on the trip by singling them out during assembly and asking them their reasons for not going on the trip.

Despite the school being in one of the least ethnically and religiously diverse counties in England, rising intolerance in

Cornwall has been used as the reason for the trip, which will now take place next week. The Independent newspaper quotes Cornwall-resident Muslim Mostofa Abdul Rahman, who said that attitudes towards Muslims were changing for the worse.

Remarkably, the newspaper even managed to claim that plural “Mosques in Cornwall have been defaced with graffiti”, despite there being only one mosque in the whole county, a converted Methodist chapel.

Insisting that parents of young children had absolutely nothing to fear from Muslims, or Islam, school governor Kat Smith who is understood to be the force pushing the trip through against the wishes of parents said: “The visit to the mosque will provide an insight for pupils into the nature of British Islam, help them understand how Islam is presented in the media and that groups like Isis are not a true reflection of the Islam followed by the vast majority of Muslims in Britain”.
“Religious Education forms part of the basic curriculum in schools and its teaching is enshrined in law. The school recognises that parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE in whole or in part, and provide alternative work to further their child’s knowledge and understanding of the parents’ beliefs and values.

“However, the school is aware that children growing up in Cornwall may have little contact with Muslims and it is aware that it has a duty under the Equality Act 2010 to promote good relations between people of different beliefs and ethnicities as part of its single equality duty.”
http://www.barenakedislam.com/2015/05/0 ... ent-440560
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon May 18, 2015 5:31 am


It isn't enough that Muslims have made vast tracts of Europe uninhabitable, now they complain the indigenous peoples don't want to live amongst them!

With no ‘kuffar’ to subjugate they’ll be robbing and raping their own instead of the indigenous population. They
made their own bed – now they have to lie in it.

As all the areas they colonise come to resemble the stinking shit ridden cess-pits they supposedly ‘escaped’ from they have no-one to blame, but themselves.

No-one in their right mind wants to live amongst Muslims, unless they like heroin, or having their children raped, or being attacked in the street for having white skin. The degree of hypocrisy of the Islamist mind-set beggars belief.

They want equality(!) yet consider the indigenous peoples as having a status of ‘less than cattle’.

"OH, THIS IS RICH! After turning towns in France into NO-GO ZONES for non-Muslims, Muslims complain about lack of diversity in schools

Parents of mostly North African and Arab Muslim students in schools of the district of Petit Bard in Montpellier are angry about a lack of school diversity, both social and ethnic. Yet fail to understand that they are the reason native French don’t want to be there.

Boulevard Voltaire: Massive Muslim immigration into France has resulted in white flight from many neighborhoods, destroying the idea of multiculturalism and making for a very homogenous population.

Just go to the exit of the neighborhood schools and you’ll see that close to 95% or even 100% of students are Arab-Muslim and that the only” white students “in these institutions are teachers. (They could always institute forced busing, a colossal leftist failure which was tried in the United States to force integration)

Faced with this situation of ethnic ghetto, is needed to promote as much diversity? Should we open the area to the rest of the city including sending children Petit Bard Montpellier in other schools as demanded by parents? To answer this, it is essential to consider similar cases he had there in Montpellier and the region.

At last count, there were a total of 751 Sensitive Urban Zones, a comprehensive list of which can be found on a French government website, complete with satellite maps and precise street demarcations. An estimated five million Muslims live in the ZUS — parts of France over which the French state has lost control.


The ghetto phenomenon is not new in Montpellier and France in general. Take the case of La Paillade. The construction of Line 1 tram linking the area to the city center of Montpellier was the direct consequence of rapid degradation of the station area.

Another example is the initiative to put the train line Nîmes / Le Grau-du-Roi at 1 € the summer to allow “Muslim youth” to go to the beach has had unintended consequences with an explosion in fights between Muslims and non-Muslims and attacks on shops of the resort by Muslim youth, forcing many businesses to close their shops after the arrival of the trains.

The choice of promoting the social mix and ethnicity is not recent. For years, local politicians dispersed the Muslim populations of “sensitive” neighborhoods of Montpellier and Nîmes to small towns and villages of the region.

The consequences were painful with the emergence of drug trafficking and people fleeing the neighborhoods. The most famous example remains Lunel, which has since become an important drug trafficking, weapons and international jihadism center.

No surprise that in all these former social-communist villages, the right wing National Front party is now the most popular.

There is little chance that initiatives to promote diversity in the neighborhood Petit Bard would lead to more positive results. If the Ministry of Education had to change the school board to allow neighborhood kids to go to other schools, as desired by the parents, there is a safe bet that it would cause significant difficulties for these institutions without actually solving the underlying problem.

Obviously, it’s time to stop all immigration from Muslim nations

May 16, 2015 @ 9:58 am
Well now isn t that special. They are always playing the victim for which they did to themselves. Now they complain that there is not a diversity in their Hood. and the reason is they made it that way. They have the turned an area where they have become the majority into a dangerous violent area for anyone who is not a slim. they have been gang raping your daughters and what have the government done about it. so to answer the question tell the slims that is what they want by turning the area into a no go zone. well then wall them in and be done with it.. You let them go to your beaches and what do they do but become violent and holler at girls for wearing bikinis and make violent threats. They cover up and want everyone else to do the same for what just so they can say (WE HAVE CONQURED THE INFIDELS AND THEY ARE TO STUPID TO KNOW IT.)

knight (@Knightsstrength)
May 16, 2015 @ 7:59 am
“Less than cattle”
One can find out how Muslims treat Dhimmi’s, or what it would be like to live under Muslim authority
http://www.islammonitor.org/index.php?o ... &Itemid=96

May 16, 2015 @ 3:00 am
Check this out: http://gatesofvienna.net/2015/05/an-asy ... ed-france/

it's me!
May 16, 2015 @ 2:40 am
what? no whites to rape? no one too make life hell for?
Need a white to wipe your dirty little bottom?
Oh dear you do have problems…..

May 16, 2015 @ 12:45 am
Heh – how Typical – Muslims “Reap what they Sow”, THEN”Complain” that what they Sowed Produced a “Bad Crop”.

emma de la cruz
May 16, 2015 @ 12:15 am
Running out of little blonde haired, blue eyed girls to take home to daddy? No way would I expose my children to that risk. They move into an area and turn it into a dump, then cry because there is no one left to clean up their filth. You see, working people have a choice as to where they live and they don’t want to live near them. Drive people out with threats, then whine because there’s no one left to bully except each other. They just don’t know what they want. Psycosocial disorder.

Above Top Secret
May 15, 2015 @ 11:39 pm
In this interview the Swedish economist emphasizes that even the leftist politicians who bring the Muslim immigrants don’t send their children to the same high schools. :)

May 15, 2015 @ 10:46 pm
All kidding aside, there actions prove that as a people they are mentally Ill and don’t belong in a civilized society. Bring them back to the caves and dirt floors where there society has existed, not flourished, until they are ready to join the modern world.

May 16, 2015 @ 3:13 am
You got it in one, mentally ill.
They really are the most retarded individuals you will ever come across.
Biting the hand that feeds you is really not the way to go.
When They have beheaded all of us who will pay their jizya? that hasnt even dawned on them, dopes.
Pricks every last one of them.

May 15, 2015 @ 10:24 pm
Look at it from their perspective for goodness sake. Their sons dont have anyone to rape or beat the shit out of in gang attacks. Poor things!
http://www.barenakedislam.com/2015/05/1 ... /#comments
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri May 22, 2015 8:54 am

R.I.P BB.King.

BB King - The Thrill is Gone (Live at the BBC)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNMlXcV ... NMlXcV_u2s
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat May 23, 2015 1:35 pm


He's so gay
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His bouquet
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Do you really wanna hurt me?

Frank Zappa - He's so gay
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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:37 am

"You cant kill the boogieman" Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, Compass International Pictures, 1978

Charleston Shooting = Sandy Hook part 2. The Charleston shooter Dylan Roof was another manufactured Michael Myers boogieman type which THEY CREATED. The folk of Hadd-on-field (Charleston) have been hoodwinked into believing that Michael Myers (Dylan Roof) acted alone when nothing could be further from the truth.

The gall of the international Masonic establishment to murder the innocents in order to traumatise the public, in order to push an agenda, knows no bounds.

The Agenda

-Grab all privately owned Firearms of black and white people

-Pimp the Black Race and attempt to start a race war in the process

-Give grounds to police internet speech in order to clamp down on anyone (but especially angry white men)

-Traumatise the populace and create the perfect conditions for the state and media to act as the saviour

Focus your attention to those murdered church goers and their families, but know in your heart and mind it was THEY who created the murderers, and god knows how many other Michael Myers THEY have in the background waiting to step forwards to help fulfil their agenda.

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:26 pm


"Why does it hurt when i pee?
Why does it hurt when i pee?
I dont want no doctor,
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Why does it,
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Frank Zappa - Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:02 am


"I signed on the line
For seven long years
They said I'd be a big star
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The tracks of my tears
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All the girls call my name
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Well, nigger biznis all the time
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Well, nigger biznis has brought destruction
Which is why you're here in this song"
Frank Zappa - Nig Biz

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Re: Freemasonry and anarchism

Postby frankzappa » Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:05 am


The following letter was submitted to the 'North Devon Gazette' letters department yesterday. This was following the Newspapers blatant pro-mass third world immigration jihad bias in yesterdays edition. They do not seem
to understand (or at least pretend not to) that most of the non-Devon-native indigenous English living here moved here to escape the devastating effects of mass third world and especially MUSLIM immigration in other parts of England.

The pathological altruists in England's leafy villages and suburbs are inviting Islam and mass third world immigration into the last few parts of England which have not been thoroughly destroyed by it. This is not accidental, but a strategic planned conquest. The mechanism through which the Church groups, Communists, Feminists, Anarchists, and every other suicidal do-gooder and telescopic philanthropist are co-ordinated in their campaign of promotion of mass third world immigration and Islam is FREEMASONRY.

Islam has been at war with itself along tribal / sectarian / inter-faith lines since the very beginning of Islam, you only need to read a half decent history of the C-RUSE-AIDES to prove this. There never will be peace in the middle east. The problem western nations have is in believing that somehow it is our responsibility to wipe the middle easts ass for it.

Not to mention the fact that we are already crawling with Islam. long before this latest ‘drama’ unfolded.

Muslims are using the Syrian conflict as the perfect excuse to wage immigration jihad on western Europe. There is a large element of Taqia at play and much of the west are buying into it, though we are seeing hints of what’s instore for the Germans everytime they start rioting over trivial matters, in general they’ll wait until they are safely ensconced before they commence the rape and pillage and send for further re-inforcements.

Hope Germany likes child rape and heroin!

And they sure as hell better build a few more thousand brothels, how long do they think hundreds of thousands of single fighting age Muslim savages will be able to keep it in their trousers before succumbing to their natural inclinations?

Many Americans laughed at Europe’s submission and subjugation at the hands of the Muslim hordes, and their Sheik and Sheriff overlords, and claimed they would never experience the same because (for example) you have the right to bear arms, now as America is too experiencing the joys of the ‘diversity’ of mass Islamic immigration, I bet they are laughing on the other side of their faces!

Please bear in mind I am seriously 'toning the content down' of the below letter, and attempting to be civil, in the hope that it may be printed.

"It is a terrible shame that the pathological, and suicidal altruists of North Devon do not seem
capable of extending the same degree of 'philanthropy' towards Rotherhams 1400, Oxfords 400,
and in the words of one Labour politician, upto 1,000,000 child victims of 'English' Muslim grooming
gangs as they do towards those using the Syrian conflict as an excuse to wage 'immigration jihad' on
Western Europe.

Donated clothes are routinely discarded as 'not fashionable enough' and donated food routinely
ditched, as 'not halal' or otherwise unsuitable.

Despite tens of thousands of indigenous Brits living on the streets (including thousands of ex-servicemen)
and hundreds of thousands of indigenous English people surviving off food-banks, we continue to be
expected to clothe, house and feed the Third world both abroad and increasingly (due to our suicidal
immigration policies) at home. Clearly the UK government is not concerned about the poor and destitute
of its own population, unless, of course, they are immigrants or Muslim.

North Devon (for the time being) remains one of the few areas of the UK largely untouched by the devastating
effects of mass third world immigration, indeed many recent residents of North Devon moved here precisely
to escape England's suicidal immigration policies. And now these pathological altruists, whose philanthropism
is purely telescopic, cynically seek to use the tragic death of an illegal immigrant, whose family already received
safe asylum in Turkey before embarking to Europe, to justify further mass third world immigration."
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