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'Guardiola takes good players, and makes them great'

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'Guardiola takes good players, and makes them great'

Postby LayRong » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:57 pm

De Bruyne's admirers include Guardiola himself, with the former Bayern Munich manager stating last week that the 26-year-old is "one of the best players I have ever seen".

You could argue De Bruyne should be that, given he cost City £55m in 2015 - at the time the second-highest fee paid by a British club, and still a club record despite their summer spree in an even more acutely inflated transfer market.

De Bruyne was clearly no slouch before Guardiola got his hands on him and the former Chelsea player also possessed the attitude and ability to adapt his game.

But his manager has played a part in that process - and has helped others to make similar progress.


"I 100% think De Bruyne has become a better player under Guardiola," says Pat Nevin, who was at Vicarage Road for BBC Radio 5 live on Saturday and saw City destroy Watford 6-0.SBOBET

"But he is not the only one that has improved a lot in this City team. I look at Raheem Sterling and think he is monumentally better now than he was before. Sergio Aguero has clearly added to his game under Pep too.

"So whereas everyone else is talking about individuals, I am looking at Guardiola and thinking I love your system, I love your attitude and I love your ethos - in the way you are taking very good players, and you are changing them to make them great.SBOBET

"That is quite unusual, because a lot of managers would think I have got a really good player who does a certain thing very well, so I will just let him play.

"You can tell that is not good enough for Guardiola, though. The way he has worked with those three players is pure Pep, really."SBOBET
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